Be a Waterfall

The other day I was at work (which as I mentioned in my 18 Things About Me post, is at a nursing home) and I was pushing my cleaning cart down the hallway when I stopped to talk to a resident. We were talking for a few minutes when she started talking about how I have a big heart and how I pour out my love. She just kept going and I sat there on my feet, holding her hand, with tears in my eyes. She told me that she sees me around and sees how I love people and I thought to myself, “This is why I am here.”

Maybe the technical reason I’m there is to clean toilets and take out trash, but the real reason I’m there? I’m there to make relationships with people, relationships that are precious to me and that I thank God everyday for, and to pour out my love on these people. Not long after I started working there I knew I wasn’t working there just to clean, I knew God had me there for more than that, but it wasn’t until that moment in the hallway when it really hit me: what I do matters. I know a lot of people may think that being a housekeeper is not a job that really matters a whole lot (though the place would get really gross were there not housekeepers), people even look down on such a job, but it matters. It’s taking the time to have conversations with people who don’t have anyone to talk to otherwise, it’s going out of your way for people, including your coworkers, it’s loving people like God does.

As Christians, we are called to love. We are called to love despite of how people hurt us, despite of their flaws. We are called to love people like a waterfall: endlessly.

When we love people unconditionally, when we take the time to care, we make a difference. When we love like a waterfall, we become a blessing to someone. We show them Jesus.

My goal today and everyday is to be a waterfall.

Photo Credit: Patrick Hendry


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