Beautiful Diversity

As Christians we seem to have adapted this mind set that to be a Christian we have to look exactly like the other Christians we know or read about or see in movies. We have confined ourselves to this tiny box of sameness, but God didn’t make us exactly the same, so why would He want us to be exactly the same?

Imagine if each and every one of us was an amazing singer or artist or speaker or athlete.  And think about it, even though these are amazing gifts, life would be dull if there was no diversity. God has blessed us each with our own set of talents and strengths – along with faults and weaknesses – that allow us as a body of believers we can each bring something unique to the table. Even our not-so-good stuff brings something to the table; our testimonies are beautiful because they are different.

God has made us different and that is something beautiful. Through our differences, we can strengthen each other and build each other up, we can reach people for the kingdom of our glorious Father. That is beautiful.

So let us be different. Let us focus on being like Christ and not other Christians. Not only that, let us learn to love each other’s differences and find the beauty in them.  Let us give our lives to the One who created them and see the beautiful work of His hand.  Let us be beautifully diverse.

“Be yourself; everyone else is already taken.” – Oscar Wilde


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