The Balance of Jeans and Sweatpants

Being constantly on the go and not really having a moment to breathe really takes a toll on a person.   As a nineteen year old full time student my life is crazy busy.  Between school, church, work, babysitting, spending time with family, spending quality time with God, and attempting to have a social life, time always seems to be something I don’t have nearly enough of.

But today I was blessed with a whole day I get to spend at home, so I declared a lazy day! I woke up late, watched TV with mom, took a shower, put on my sweatpants, did some homework because I’m not a fan of failing tests, and now I am going to relax and do the things that I typically don’t have time to do – like actually sit in bed and blog and not do it in between classes at school! I’m going to drink tea and finish rereading Mockingjay, I’m going to watch Netflix, heck, I might even get crazy and blow dry my hair!

Even when you don’t have time for a full day of recuperation it’s good to have moments in your day let your brain chill out.  When I have a ton of homework I make myself a deal: I do homework, then I get to read for fun, then I do more homework.  I get my stuff done without get overwhelmed to the point of breaking down.

Lazy days are good every once in awhile to just let your brain – and body – recuperate from constantly being on the go. Realize that we weren’t created to be in constant motion.  Also realize that we weren’t meant to be in a constant state of rest, either (aka, don’t let your life become one big lazy day). Life is a balance of productivity and rest, of jeans and sweatpants.

Photo Credit: Bruno Nascimento


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