Deodorant Stains and Umbrella Pains

Wednesday morning I woke up, tried not to die on the way to the bathroom, and then proceeded to get dressed very slowly. I was tired of being cold so I layered a black long sleeved shirt under my “Porn Kills Love” t-shirt.  I went about eating breakfast and making sure I didn’t forget anything vital for school like my backpack or shoes when I realized that I almost forgot to (gasp!) put on deodorant! I then quickly grabbed my deodorant and furiously put it on… all over the black long sleeved shirt that I forgot I was wearing (note: make sure you lift both layers of clothing when putting on deodorant).

Fast forward to about 11 am.  Genelle (by the way, she just started her blog. Y’all should be awesome and follow her. and I were sitting in the Caf – that’s cool kid slang for “Cafeteria” – going about our business, eating our lunch .  And then it happened. There I was, playing Trivia Crack, innocently, when all of a sudden BAM! an umbrella shot me in the forehead! More specifically, MY umbrella shot me in the forehead! Now, I’m sure you may be wondering how my umbrella shot me in the head, because I was wondering the same thing.  Well, as it turns out, Genelle was bored so she thought it would be fun to push the button on my umbrella so it would jut out half an inch and scare me and bring her amusement. Jut out it did, just two feet instead of half an inch, right into my head.

“Why did you tell us these really random stories?” you may be asking.  1.) They are highly amusing. 2.) It just goes to show that sometimes unexpected things happen and sometimes you just have to roll with the punches – or umbrella attacks. We can let life get us down or we can say “I may have just got brutally attacked with an umbrella, but at least the left armpit of my long sleeved shirt smells delightful!”

Find joy, y’all. It makes life so much better.

Photo Credit: Craig Whitehead


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