Lessons from Job

I briefly mentioned in my last post (“Journaling Through Life”) that I was near the end of the book of Job – I also admitted that it has been the most difficult book in the Bible for me to read so far.  So here are three things I learned from Job.

Throughout the book, Job has been struggling with his circumstances and his friends aren’t giving him the best advice in the world, but in chapter 38, God speaks.   The Lord pretty much brings it back into perspective that He is God and Job is not, and it humbled Job – and me, too.  Too often we get caught up in our problems and slowly the center of our universe starts to shift from being God to being ourselves, and no wonder we become miserable! We were not created to be self-centered beings, we were created to be God-centered. At the end of the day, no matter what we are going through, God is still God and He is worthy and deserving of our praise.  Psalm 99:3 says “Let them praise Your great and awesome name— He is holy.”  We praise God not because we always feel like it, but because He is deserving of it.  

Alongside Job 38, a verse in chapter 42 really struck me.  Verse 5 says “Before I knew only what I had heard of You, but now I have seen You.” Job finally experienced God for himself, and that’s the thing, you can tell someone about God all day long, but until they experience Him for themselves, there won’t be a heart change.  I’m not saying don’t tell people about God, actually I’m saying quite the opposite: let people experience God’s love and goodness through you.  Love people without limits. Speak life into people.

Let yourself be humbled like Job.  Don’t refuse correction.  Don’t let your heart become hardened towards God when He convicts you.  Have the boldness to admit that you are wrong.

Even when you’re struggling with God’s Word, expect Him to show you things.  He will.

Photo Credit: Colin Carey


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