Bible Journaling

I’ve been a Christian for a little over four years now (that seems so crazy!), and over these years – especially the last three – I’ve really come to love God’s Word. Four months ago today, though, something made me fall in love with Scripture even more.  I didn’t suddenly become super enlightened every time I read a passage of Scripture or become super knowledgeable of Biblical times, I simply started Bible journaling.

To make a long story short two of my best friends and I were babysitting nine kids (overnight) for four days during youth camp and we were pressed to get in Bible time because, well, we had nine kids to keep alive.  So we would sit in the kitchen of the little house we were in and read our Bibles together either really late at night or really early in the morning (or both) while the kids were sleeping.  Genelle at this point had been Bible journaling for a month or so and she was talking about how much she loved it and how it helped her really get more out of Scripture -shout out to Genelle (!

I was anxious to start but I couldn’t exactly leave and go get a journal at the time so I had to wait until after camp. I started journaling when I was about halfway through Genesis and since then have went through Joshua, Job, and I am now currenlty in Isaiah.  Journaling while reading helps me stay focused on what I’m reading and I also tend to get more out of what I’m reading in general. Also, it’s great to go back and reference your notes on what you’ve read before.

I suggest finding a nice journal (Books-a-Million is my go-to place) and as you’re reading Scripture, write down your thoughts on what you’re reading, how it applies to your life, what it must have felt like to be there in that moment, really just make it your own – and always pray before you read, you’ll be surprised what God reveals to you when you ask Him to. If you guys have any Bible study tips, holler at me in the comments. I’d love to hear from you lovely people.

I just thought I’d post since it’s the 4 month anniversary of my Bible journaling adventure and I find that really exciting.

Until next time, lovelies.

Photo Credit: Ben White

3 thoughts on “Bible Journaling

  1. I’ve been a “Christian” for as long as I can remember, but my walk with Jesus began almost four years ago as well. Journaling is incredible, so good post!

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