February 2016

February flew by – and I don’t think it’s just because it’s shorter than the other months. Here are a few things that happened this month!

  • Genelle and I hiked like 6.2 miles or something.  I hadn’t hiked in almost a year.  I was pretty much totally and completely exhausted after, but post-hike tired is the best kind of tired.
  • Winterjam was amazing. Every year I think it can’t get better and then it does.  Though I did miss Skillet.
  • I did a workout video that I literally thought would kill me.  I laid on the floor for like fifteen minutes afterwards, only getting up because I got cold.
  • I bought new books and my excitement was unable to be contained.
  • I answered a question in environmental science and regretted my decision immediately because I am horrible with geography and realized quickly that I had no clue what I was talking about.
  • seriously have trouble spelling the word “decision.” I just can’t get it stuck in my head.
  • I got my eyes dilated for the first time last week.  That was fun. I couldn’t drive so Genelle had to, my dad texted me and I -blindly- texted him that I got my eyes dilated and I couldn’t see.  When he texted back, I thought he had texted a bunch of random words making fun of me, but then after I showed my phone to Genelle I discovered that they were real words, I just couldn’t see them.  I also tried to sit with the wrong people at La Caretta… Needless to say, it was an amusing, strange, and annoying situation.
  • Genelle and I made a song for our human biology exam for the route that blood takes through the heart… and then it wasn’t on the test.
  • School has been brutal this month. I’ve decided that professors have weekly meetings where they get together and decide to make their assignments, papers, and tests all at the same time because they enjoy watching us panic.
  • I only had three hours of sleep and then almost cried because I thought my coffee was water.  I then had a total freak out in the car over a bug.
  • I have this newfound inability to know what day of the week it is. Seriously.
  • I have decided that someday I shall be able to bend impossibly like the yoga lady I watch on YouTube. Someday.
  • I’ve realized that I have kept my car clean since December. That’s pretty amazing.
  • I was reading a book and it made me remember the time in seventh grade when I was walking into the school and I was wearing flip flops and fell because it had been raining, got up, fell again, got up, and fell again. I hadn’t thought about that in years.  Thanks, book.

Photo Credit: Micah. H


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