Give Abundantly

Before I actually begin this post, I want to start by saying there’s been a change to my blogging schedule.  I realized I was blogging for a deadline I had set for myself, not necessarily because God laid a topic on my heart.  I’m only going to blog when I feel like God has given me something to say, whether that be twice a month or twice a week.


Now, onto the message God has laid on my heart.  It’s been an idea that’s been swirling in my head for awhile now, but God fully developed it today when I decided to listen to a podcast rather than music while I walked.  I’ve been reading a devotional by Rick Warren called Habits of Happiness and I remembered that he was a pastor and potentially had a podcast.  That he does.

I chose to listen to Daily Hope with Rick Warren, scrolling all the way down to #140.  The podcast was titled “Generosity is Love in Action, Part 1, Leaving a Lasting Legacy.”  I ended up listening to all three parts and walking for over an hour.  In the podcast, Rick said something that really stuck with me – and I’m paraphrasing – generosity is the practical application of faith, hope, and love.


The podcast talked of generosity in terms of relationships with spouses, children, and other people in general as well as with our finances.


It really got me thinking in terms of relationships – romantic relationships, friendships, and in general.  When we truly love someone, we give.  We give not just in terms of money but with our time.  You cannot love without giving.

Are we giving as we should? Are we investing our time in the relationships we have, in the people we love? Or do we say we love them yet refuse to take our eyes off of ourselves  and our needs? I guess the real question is are we serving them?


Think about this in terms of all of your relationships:  How are you serving your friends? Your significant other? Your family?  Your coworkers?  The people you encounter on a daily basis?


Generosity is a characteristic of God.   God is generous.  Everything we have is because of Him.  To be like Him, we must give.

Give abundantly.  Show love.  Serve others.

Photo Credit: Ben White

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