A Letter to “The Sinner”

Dear “Sinner,”

I’m sorry that social media is filled with Christians screaming about everything they’re against rather than what they’re for. I’m sorry that Christians are more concerned with telling you what’s wrong with you rather than working on what’s wrong with them. I’m sorry that Christians ostracize you because you’re a “sinner” instead of giving you mercy and grace that God extended – and still extends – to them. I’m sorry that Christians beg God to forgive their pasts, but they can’t see past yours. I’m sorry that Christians point judgmental fingers rather than extend loving hands. I’m sorry that Christians are too caught up with being religious that they stop trying to be Christ-like. I’m sorry that Christians would rather scream at you that you’re going to Hell instead of showing you the loving, gracious, and merciful Creator. I’m sorry that Christians care more about their image than they do about loving others. I’m sorry that Christians call you by your sin rather than by your name. I’m sorry that Christians call you ugly when God calls you beautiful. Most of all I’m sorry that these things break my heart yet I still find myself guilty of them.


Another Sinner


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