Taking off our Sandals

Today God is often looked at as a casual friend, someone you can go months without talking to and still be okay with. We fail to remember that He is the holy Creator, our Savior. We no longer take our sandals off at the burning bush (Exodus 3). Is it because we’ve forgotten that He’s holy and worthy of our worship? Is it because the truth of who He is has been blurred by the lies of who the world says He is? Is it because we simply don’t care? He is the Great I Am – the One who was and is and is yet to come. He is full of love for us, He is always there waiting for open arms, yet we treat Him like an acquaintance rather than the holy, awe-inspiring God that He is. When are we going to start taking off our sandals again?

Photo Credit: Dhruv Deshmukh

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