Guidance and Choice

“God, help me to love others.”

“God, help me to trust You.”

“God, give me patience.”

I often pray these prayers of guidance, but I often miss the prayers of choice. We have to make the choice to love people, to trust God, to be patient. How often do we pray with intention?

“God, help me to understand further what showing Your love looks like and give me opportunities to show others Your love.”

“God, I’m trusting You with this situation, lead me where You want me to go, and remind me of Your promises and faithfulness.”

“God, I’m going to choose to be patient in this situation. When I am tempted to become impatient, remind me that impatience is not from you.”

Prayers of guidance and choice go hand in hand.

We can’t just pray comfortable prayers and expect big things to happen. Pray the bold prayers. Pray for opportunities. Don’t be passive. Make the choice.


Photo Credit: Chris Barbalis


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