Out of the Dark

My devotional (52 Weeks With Jesus by James Merrit) this morning was talking about how light is needed in both the physical and spiritual sense.  Without light, plants couldn’t grow, without plants, we would all die (paraphrased). It got me thinking about how when I get “stuck in my head” as I call it. Negative thoughts, anger, depression roll around and everything seems 10x worse than they really are and I just feel stuck in the dark. When I try to fix it myself, I just tunnel my way further into the dark. Sometimes it gets so bad that I want to stay that way. I don’t know why. Maybe it’s just the self-pitying way of human nature. But no earthly person – not myself, not my best friend, not my fiance – can pull myself out of the dark once I’m in it. The only One who can is Jesus. Only recently have I started to truly understand that His light is the only thing that can brighten the darkness that I get stuck in. But I have to let Him. Often I turn away, I try to rely on myself – which as I said, doesn’t work at all. But Jesus is waiting for me to to turn to Him, to ask for His help, to focus on Him and not what is going on in my head.

As I said, in both the physical world and the spiritual world, light is essential. Are you closing yourself off to the Light? Are you trying to light your own way? Others may temporarily fix the problem, but Jesus is the only One who can fill the void, who can bring Light to your soul. He is the only One who can bring you out of the dark.


 Photo Credit: Andriy Babarytskyi

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