180 Days and Counting

If you follow me on social media, you already know that today is 180 days until my wedding. Pretty dresses, decorations, dancing, being united with the love of my life, um, yes, please!

But is it what I’m looking forward to most?



If I said I wasn’t excited I would be straight up lying to your virtual faces. But what I’m even more excited for than my wedding is my marriage.

I’m excited to serve God with my husband and glorify Him through our marriage.

I’m excited to do life with the love of my life.

I’m excited to grow closer to him and our Heavenly Father together.

Am I preparing for my wedding? Absolutely! But not as much as I’m trying to prepare for my marriage. For being a wife. For someday being a mother.

Yes, I want a beautiful wedding, but more importantly, I want a beautiful marriage. A marriage built on faith and love. A marriage with a foundation of servitude.

180 days and counting. ♥


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