Introducing Life Management Monday: Managing a Life You Love

Over the past ten months of marriage, I have learned more about myself than any other time in my life. One of the things I have learned is how desperately I need to organize my life in order for it to run smoothly. During these past several months I have spent a lot of time reading books, listening to podcasts, and experimenting with different ways to manage my life, and I have grown to love it. Out of this love comes Life Management Monday! Every Monday I will be posting an article on some form of life management, whether it be for home, school, health, or just in general.


Why do I find this topic important?

  • An organized life is a happier life. I set up systems and form habits that allow me to run my home more effectively. For example, my home tends to run better when we have clean clothes to wear, clean dishes to eat off of, and there isn’t a massive amount of dog hair on the floor. I am much happier and much more productive when I’m not stressed about a messy home – though sometimes life happens and you have to just do the best you can.
  • Cultivating the atmosphere in your home is important no matter the stage of life you are in. Right now my home consists of just my husband and I (and our two fur babies!). Someday, though, we are going to start having children. The atmosphere we cultivate now is going to impact the atmosphere we raise our children in. For example, if we don’t want our children throwing their clothes on the floor, then we don’t need to throw our clothes on the floor, or if we want our children to learn good communication and conflict resolution skills, then we need to have those skills. We run our home with the future in mind.


Just because life can be chaotic sometimes doesn’t mean we are forced to succumb to the chaos. Join me every Monday on this journey of discovering how to manage lives we love!

With love,


Photo credit: unsplash-logoNathan Fertig


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