January 2016

Hello lovely people of cyberspace! Last month I randomly decided to do a recap of the month and I decided that I really liked the idea.  So here is a recap of my first month of 2016!

  • I started the second semester of my sophomore year of college (I’m almost halfway done with my Bachelor’s degree!).
  • My best friend tried on wedding dresses for the first time and I only teared up a lot.
  • I started recycling.
  • I started eating healthier and working out.
  • I started a prayer journal in this super cool journal my boyfriend got me for Christmas.
  • I finished my first Bible journal – today actually (Here’s a throwback post: Bible Journaling).
  • I started a jar on January 1 where every time I finish a book I put the name of the book on a slip of paper (with my typewriter, of course) and put it in the jar. Then, at the end of the year I can look and see all the books I’ve read this year – I am so excited for this!
  • I learned that my mini golf skills have only improved on a small scale since I last played when I was 14 (at least I didn’t hit a lady with a golf ball this time).
  • I finished Jesus > Religion by Jefferson Bethke which is a seriously amazing book.
  • I learned not to despise small beginnings; you have to start somewhere.


January felt like it flew by, but looking back I can see a lot has happened in my life this month, I’ve seen God move in multiple areas of my life and it is such a blessing to reflect like this.  A lot of these things may seem like they were New Year’s resolutions, but actually none of them were.  They were things that happened because God placed them in my heart.  Other things are just really random things that happened that give you a glimpse of what my life is like.

So what to expect for February: I’m going to start weekly posts on Wednesdays (hint: this week’s post has me really wanting to watch Peter Pan) and I’m expecting God to do big things in my life.  Until next time, lovelies!

Photo Credit: Annie Spratt


Active v. Passive 

“I will see the goodness of the Lord.”

There is so much in this one line – it’s a gold mine of spiritual awesomeness. It’s a line from a song we sang at church that comes straight out of Psalm 27. This line really hit me because of what it’s saying. It’s not saying “I see the goodness of the Lord right now while everything is going great.” It’s saying “I will see the goodness of the Lord.”
God is the same yesterday, today, and forever. God is also faithful, merciful, good, full of grace, and has a plan for each of us. Put those two truths together and you know what that means? When life is good, God is all of those things. When life is bad, God is all of those thing. Though circumstances change, God does not.
We can be active and make the decision to see the goodness of the Lord always and have joy that cannot be shaken, or we can be passive and let our emotions be dictated by the circumstance of the moment.

Active v. passive. The choice is ours.

Photo Credit: Martine Jacobsen