The Past Few Weeks

So this post is probably going to be a lot of rambling, but that’s how I talk anyway so it’s fitting! So much has happened recently and God has taught me so much.

The first thing that He has really shown me He did in a pretty cool way. First, my pastor preached an amazing sermon on fearing the Lord and being obedient (Watch the Sermon Here). The same day, my reading in Exodus 3 pertained to fearing the Lord (I blogged about it, Taking off our Sandals). As if that weren’t cool enough, from then – two weeks ago – until this morning even, my readings in Exodus and Psalms have been talking a lot about fearing the Lord and obeying Him. I also randomly decided to read 1 John, guess what that talked about, too? So God has definitely been trying to tell me something here. Through, the sermons and my readings, God has really shown me that knowing Him, fearing Him, and obeying Him go hand in hand in hand. Following God’s commands isn’t a burden, it’s a blessing. When we try to do things our way, we get entangled in sin, and it starts to destroy us. When we do things God’s way, we prosper. It is only then that we are truly free.

“Clear the Stage” by Jimmy Needham (Clear the Stage) is one of my favorite songs. It talks about crushing the idols in our lives. It makes me think of the times when I know I should read my Bible or pray and instead I do x, or when I am reading my Bible and I’m trying to rush so I can do x. I’ve realized that whatever is has become an idol in my life, and I’ve had to do a serious heart check. I can’t let anything come before my quiet time with God, my following His commands.

You know what else? Relationships are work, like a lot of work. More than I ever realized. There are times when my fiancé (we got engaged on May 30! YAY!) wants to call me and I’d rather read or watch Netflix (sorry, honey… 🙂 ). But that’s not the way it works. Did you know that your significant other needs, like, attention and stuff? Okay, I’m being dramatic. I love talking to and spending time with him, but sometimes I’m just tired and my book or show doesn’t require me to talk back. But relationships take work, they take time, they take – gasp – communication, and most importantly, they take you both being on the same page – especially faith-wise. So, I make sure to talk to, rotate, and water my fiancé. Wait… that’s my aloe plant… but the point is, relationships take work to grow, and if you aren’t growing, you’re dying. (Please excuse all of my cheesy jokes, I’m tired.)

Okay, one more thing to ramble about! It is such a huge blessing to have a job you actually enjoy waking up and going to. I love my job. But that’s not the main point, the main point is that whether or not you like your job, no matter what your job is, you can show the love of Christ. Now, I can’t exactly sit and talk to each of my guests about how much God loves them – the people in line behind them may start to get really impatient. But I can show Christ-like love in the way I speak to guests, in how I go above and beyond to serve them, in serving my co-workers without them asking. No matter what your job is, you can serve God, even if you never get to say His name. Show Him, serve Him, with you actions, your character, you attitude. Colossians 3:23 says, “Whatever you do, work at it with all your heart, as working for the Lord, not for human masters.”  Take this piece of Scripture to heart and apply it to your life.


Well, lovelies, that’s all I have to say. If you made it to the end of my rambling, congratulations, you’re awesome! I’d love to hear from you lovely people! Until next time!

December 2015

I can’t believe December is almost over.  It has been a crazy busy month but it has flown by.  It didn’t really hit me how fast the month has gone by until I realized today that I was in chapter 28 of Isaiah.  I started Isaiah on December 1 and have been matching chapter with day all month (though I didn’t even realize this was happening for a few days, ironically).  Tonight I was like, “Holy cow, it feels like I started Isaiah, like, a week ago.” Crazy stuff.

Here are a few recurring themes I’ve noticed through my journey in Isaiah so far:

1.) God is God and we are not.

2.) God is so much better than anything we could choose to put in His place (a.k.a. idols).

3.) God is all powerful.

4.) Purification is rarely painless.

5.) God has a plan for His people.

I also got to see Star Wars a few weeks ago. It. Was. So. Good. That’s all I am saying on the subject.

Also, my best friend got engaged three days ago! I think that is possibly the most exciting thing that has happened in my life.  Watching my best friend be proposed to by the man God has given her, the man that loves her so beautifully, was such a blessing – I was the hidden photographer.

Speaking of my best friend, she’s a wonderful human being and got me the only thing I asked her for for Christmas – a typewriter! I’ve been having so much fun with it (I also accidentally learned how to type a penguin on it!)! And speaking of awesome presents, her fiance got me a hula hoop for Christmas and I hula hooped outside of Starbucks for a good while.


This was probably my most random post, but it’s been a random month full of Jesus, proposals, Christmas cheer, and really fun things like type writers and hula hoops.

Until next time, lovelies.

Photo Credit: Bethany Fankhauser